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Reliable government

Digital security

A reliable government has to be many things: robust, agile, effective. And connected to the society it serves. Ordina helps public organisations stay true to their core values, with our four complementary propositions and the solutions that go with them.

A robust government that works and delivers
Digital transformation is gaining more and more momentum. This means business continuity is becoming increasingly dependent on digital security. Digital security makes sure governments can continue to do their jobs, so processes and infrastructure that are vital to society cannot be disrupted, and data privacy and integrity are guaranteed. From protecting the judiciary’s systems and citizens’ personal data, to securing the software that operates bridges and flood defences. Without digital security, government cannot be robust.

Digital security in cybersecurity & compliance
Ordina provides digital security with our cybersecurity & compliance solutions. This can include determining your cyberstrategy, securing your data, testing systems for vulnerabilities, protecting and detecting cyberattacks, and ensuring business continuity after an attack.

  • State-of-the-art IT security. We build multiple layers of defence for maximum protection.

  • Robust response. Our multidisciplinary teams help your organisation’s people and IT environment become more resilient to cyberthreats.

  • Compliant. We monitor the changing landscape of compliance regulation and legislation, so you can stay Ahead of Change.

  • Stay aware. We instil cybersecurity and compliance awareness into your workforce, keeping at the forefront of your day-to-day operations.

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Dennis Struyk

Director Public