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Nederlandse Spoorwegen - Dutch Railways

Dutch Railways (NS) chooses SAP BRIM

NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the Dutch Railways) is facing the challenge of, on the one hand, flexibly introducing new proposals in the market such as NS Flex, travel on account for consumers, and, on the other, assuring a manageable and controllable financial backbone. NS chose SAP BRIM as a solution because it successfully reduces the complexity of the landscape while offering a flexible mechanism for launching new proposals.

It began with blueprints of the business processes and then translating them into an IT blueprint and architecture. A phased approach was chosen, where elements of the functionality go live in turn and then are further developed. IFS Probity, a part of Ordina, provides the SAP BRIM expertise and handles the IT project management.
In the first instance this was a ´waterfall´ approach that was progressively converted into a scrum approach where account was taken of the other IT and business departments that also implement their changes.

In a construction time of 4 months, an initial basis is laid down and with the first go-live shortly thereafter of the first eCommerce sales stream and NS Flex pilot. This is then further developed monthly with the sales streams business, counters/vending machines and international during the coming period.
SAP sees the solution as the standard way in which the SAP BRIM components should be deployed.

The Nova project is delivering to NS a state-of-the-art billing path as a result of which we can bring more proposals onto the market, invoice in an error-free manner and work efficiently. Great result, but the way in which the programme does it assures a big step forward in how the Commercial, IT and Finance departments work together. So it´s a programme that we are proud of!

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