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Transdev Nederland: your journey starts here

Mobility is essential to go to work, to study, to meet friends and family, to enjoy culture, to get medical care....just to live. The freedom to get around is essential to everyday life.

Transdev Netherlands is one of the largest mobility companies in the Netherlands. From buses, trains and taxis to ambulances and autonomous shuttles, Transdev vehicles can be found throughout the country. Transdev provides public transport, care transport, school transport and acute care under well-known brand names such as Transdev, Connexxion, Hermes and Witte Kruis. Transdev also contributes to the ecological transition and the protection of the environment through a rapid transition to zero-emission transport.

On the way to a new travel experience
Transdev is always looking for ways to improve the passenger experience. That's why Transdev is working on a new application to replace our current system. This system currently manages things like schedules and ticket sales. It also provides the familiar departure time displays at stops and stations. But the system runs on an outdated platform that is no longer supported. It also lacked the flexibility to scale up and down quickly. That's why the Transdev team decided to move to something new.

Collaboration with Ordina
Transdev partnered with Ordina to move this critical application to Oracle Cloud infrastructure (IaaS). After this transition, the application runs on a reliable, secure and supported platform. The application can also be scaled up and down in phases as needed. For example, you might want to reduce the number of environments as you transition to the new solution. Or temporarily increasing performance while migrating to that solution.

Move & always improve
Rather than simply migrate, Transdev and Ordina opted for a "move and keep improving" approach. The Ordina team, consisting of Jeroen Nijholt, Patrick van 't Hul and Henk Jan Vosselman, worked closely with Transdev's specialists.

The migration started with a cloud strategy that focused on improving the application during the move. In this way, Transdev can ensure that travelers always get the best service.

So wherever you want to go, with Transdev your journey starts here.

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