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Ordina creates value beyond compliance and financial returns

The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG) is continuously increasing for our clients, employees, partners and shareholders. We integrate ESG as a strategic pillar in our business to create long-term social, environmental and financial value. Our ambition goes beyond profit and compliance: we return value to society. On this page, we present to you our ESG roadmap.

Our main ESG goals

  1. We are a diverse and inclusive company

  2. We limit our impact on global warming to below 1,50

  3. We are a transparent and trustworthy organization for employees, clients and shareholders and create value beyond compliance and financial returns

Our commitments on mid term

Our materiality assessment

To identify what ESG topics are material for Ordina context, we have performed a materiality assessment. This is the fundamental angle for our ESG strategy.


Ordina complies with national and international (European) laws and regulations and recognized certification programmes. We commit to high targets and transparent reporting on progress. Ordina strives to be a frontrunner on carbon reduction. We will help our clients reduce carbon emissions in their supply chain by offering our expertise and developing products that focus on emission reduction. In addition, we will inspire and incentivise our employees to be ambassadors for the planet – at work and beyond.

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How we work on environmental impact

Our goal: We limit our impact on global warming to below 1.5ºC

Based on our goal, one of the stated ambitions is to systematically purchase a considerable area of land and convert it into forest. In this way, pieces of forest are returned to nature in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Both in Belgium and the Netherlands, we buy up suitable land and plant a new forest,” explains CEO Jo Maes. “In doing so, we combat the climate crisis and at the same time create new and lasting local nature. We also want to be CO2 neutral by 2030. The planting of an Ordina forest is an important pillar in this.

Check out our video about the Ordina forest.

Below we outline the broader roadmap towards our goal and the activities linked towards it.

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Ordina works towards becoming a diverse and inclusive employer that focuses for all our employees on maximizing their contribution to the success of Ordina. Our employees are front runners in their digital expertise. This enables us to help our clients to be “Ahead of change”. We also want to use our digital expertise to increase diversity in IT and to create equal digital opportunities in society. This makes us a diverse and inclusive company for society at large.

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How we work on diversity

Our goal: We are a diverse and inclusive company

Several communities – both formal and informal – within Ordina play an important role in promoting diversity and inclusion across the organization. We partner with external coaching to ensure that neurodiversity is understood and respected within the company. Besides that, our Diversity and Inclusion Community supports in expanding LGBTQ Pride celebrations and Women@Ordina events. To reinforce our commitment to diversity and inclusion, Ordina also signed the Talent to the Top charter. Furthermore, in our employee engagement survey we ask if our employees feel free to voice their opinion als follow up as needed. Below we outline our roadmap towards more impact related to diversity & inclusion.

At Ordina, we want to be an employer for all. Nonetheless, we realize that our position within the IT industry leads us to address certain topics more directly than others. Recognizing our position in the IT industry, we tackle three areas more concretely.

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Our code of conduct and the related guidelines provide guidance for the actions and conduct of both management and staff. We operate our company according to sound economic principles, we are a loyal partner, a reliable supplier, a socially responsible employer and customer, and we take our corporate social responsibility seriously.

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How we make impact within our community

Our goal: We are a transparent and trustworthy organization for employees, clients and shareholders and create value beyond compliance and financial returns.