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Supply Chain Optimization

With the Ordina Solution for Supply Chain Optimization, we support challenging planning issues, ensuring that people and resources are deployed as efficiently as possible without compromising on quality and service. With powerful digital solutions that support daily business processes, we optimize and simplify your complex planning puzzles and optimization issues. We do this in the areas of workforce planning, production planning and logistics planning, as well as Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and optimization.

Benefits of Supply Chain Optimization

  • More accurate planning and higher employee satisfaction;

  • Reduced costs;

  • Higher sales and better customer service;

  • Higher sustainability;

  • Better-informed decisions on a strategic, tactical and operational level.

Planning optimization for a variety of customers
From production companies to airports and from customs to port companies: whatever industry our customers operate in, we solve the most complex planning puzzles with our solution Supply Chain Optimization. We do this by interpreting data, using mathematical and algorithmic techniques. We make complex processes transparent and manage them optimally. Thanks to our solutions, (better) informed policy decisions can be made.

Our approach
Ordina has expertise in Supply Chain Optimization and extensive experience with complex planning issues in various sectors. We advise customers, help with software solutions and their implementation, guide them through a successful go-live and ensure that our solutions rum smoothly and evolve over time. The starting point is always your strategic business challenges and goals, not the technology or products. As a result, the solution is always 100% aligned with your business challenges.

Our proven approach consists of three phases: value discovery, value delivery and value assurance. To respond to unexpected circumstances and stay ahead of change, Ordina uses the concept of Self Learning Supply Chain. We intersect external data on factors that can influence the effectiveness of decisions with information from operations. This use of artificial intelligence (AI) results in a possible predictive model that complements the existing forecasting and planning models we use to manage the supply chain.

Support of your daily processes

Discover how Ordina's digital services for Supply Chain Optimization can help you with your logistics planning, production planning and workforce planning

Logistics planning

Logistics planning

Today's logistics planning is so dynamic and complex that simple tools such as Excel are no longer sufficient. Ordina's transport and logistics planning solution is designed to ensure that your organisation's logistics operations are aligned with current developments.

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Production planning

Production planning

Maintaining a competitive edge is critical for any manufacturing organisation. Ordina's production planning solution provides an answer to obstacles such as high inventory levels, poor delivery performance, low efficiency and excessive waste.

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Workforce planning

Workforce planning

In today's tight labour market, effective workforce planning is essential. Ordina's staff scheduling solution simplifies this complicated planning process, resulting in improved performance, increased efficiency and increased satisfaction for both customers and employees.

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In the video below, Bart Willemsen, Director of Supply Chain Optimization at Ordina, explains what the Supply Chain Optimization solution entails.

Want to know more? Ask our supply chain experts.

Bart Willemsen

Director Business Development, Supply Chain Optimization